Thursday, June 4, 2015

MIDI Controller Build

Like most folks that do this ( I would imagine) I have a few concurrent things going on. This one has been running for awhile ( primarily due to laziness.) What I have for you today is a Line6 Longboard, that I am gutting out and putting my own gear into.
20 buttons,24 LED's, 2 pots, LCD...ahh...control goodness. Anyhoo...The first thing I did was try to get the foot controllers working. My intention was to use the existing optical sensors to read the pedal positions. Heh...epic fail. So I used a couple of recycled XBOX joysticks and some cable tacks.
Judicious use of screws and perfboard ties it all together. I wrote some test code for my Arduino to test it and it works great. I am only using one pot from each stick. I removed the spring that is in the bottom of each stick so that it moves freely. Here is the schematic that I used to connect the pots to the Arduino (image from )
I am using  a mega and a centipede shield to make all of my connections (again laziness on my part.) That is all for the most part now. Stay tuned...

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